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Deploy and manage your API the way you want with 3scale's flexible, scalable API management solution.

3scale's API management platform lets you choose the architecture that works best for your use case, and offers the key features that make it easier to deploy and manage an API, from analytics and rate limiting to built-in invoicing and billing options.

Whether you deploy on-premise or in the cloud, you can combine 3scale's all-in-one API management platform with the deployment and hosting methods that work for you; no proprietary hardware or black boxes required.

If you're already using cloud hosting, check out our AMI in the AWS Marketplace, install our Heroku add-on, or get set up on Azure in just a few minutes.

As part of the 3scale API management platform, you'll have the ability to create interactive API documentation using a feature called Active Docs. Based on the Swagger project, Active Docs allows developers to explore your API, test calls, and see sample responses, leading to a smoother integration process.

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Key Features:

Deploy on-premise or in the cloud without black boxes or proprietary hardware of any kind; easy-install options available for AWS and Heroku

Deployment options include an NGINX or Varnish proxy, various CDNs, or one of our native-language plugins – choose the option that fits your needs for scalability and security

Build custom subscription plans and limit traffic by account or by application, plus get traffic reports and monitor usage in the API analytics dashboard

Easy API key management with built-in support for standard API keys, application ID and key pairs, or oAuth client tokens

Active Docs (interactive documentation) and developer portal are included in the platform's CMS for easier onboarding and a better developer experience