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Take control of your APIs

Choose the leading self-serve, high performance API management platform

3scale puts API traffic control within the data flow, instead of creating a "firewall" to pass data through. API traffic can flow directly to origin data centers, not through management layer itself. This unique separation of the cloud management layer and API delivery mechanism is what makes the 3scale platform so flexible.

Simply choose your preferred deployment method—open source gateway, free hosted cloud service, plugin, or CDN—and get centralized control over access to API endpoints and traffic.

Deployment options:

Choose Nginx or Varnish as your API gateway for high availability and centralized traffic control

Already in the cloud? Install our AMI for AWS or use our one-click Heroku deployment option

Just getting started? Consider using the APIcast hosted gateway service, which is free for up to 50,000 transactions per day

Deployment options using plugins or CDNs are also available for the 3scale platform

Self-serve access

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High availability and performance

No round trips between you and 3scale, so you get outstanding uptime and scalability with 10’s of thousands of transaction per second, per gateway.

Cost-effective solutions

Don’t let costs—in time or spend—be a blocker. Plans range from free forever through enterprise. No hidden costs. No surprises.