Interactive API Documentation

Create API documentation that encourages developers to explore and test calls with Active Docs from 3scale.

As part of the 3scale API management platform, you'll have the ability to create interactive documentation of your API using a feature called Active Docs. Based on the Swagger project, Active Docs allows developers to construct and test calls and preview a sample response.

Creating docs for your API is as easy as following the Swagger specification – plus, 3scale's team has added some extra features, like auto-filling API keys for signed-in users.

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api documentation activedocs
api documentation activedocs

Using Active Docs for your API documentation allows developers to make live API calls and see the response directly from your documentation page before they begin writing code.

This example Service Spec is taken from 3scale's API documentation. Required and optional parameters for this method are indicated; the sample below shows the expected response to the test request.

Key Benefits:

Interactive API documentation makes it easier for developers to test before they build

Use additional Swagger features and tools, like a code generator for creating client-side libraries for your API

Active Docs is a built-in feature of the developer portal CMS within your 3scale account